Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You might be a railfan if...

So I was looking up some info on a railfan site and came across a humor page and of course I couldn't resist, I checked out and it's a parody of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." So rather redneck it's railfan. I only fit one of those trademarks see how many you fit and get a good chuckle while your at it too. I sure did.

My source for this is from


1. On your railfan outings, the four food groups become: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Mr. Donut.
2. Your car has a bumper sticker that says "This vehicle stops at all railroad crossings."
3. Your car's license plate is customized with a locomotive designation, railroad initials, or both.
4. You've been known to stand on the roof of your car to get that shot over the fence.
5. Your scanner is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (This would be me as well)
6. Your cat's name is "Chessie".
7. Your dog's name is "Conrail".
8. You can tell the difference between a U23B and a B23-7.
9. If the dispatcher loses track of a locomotive consist, he usually calls you at home for help.
10. You hang out at the same hobby shop so much that people mistake you for working there.
11. You've ever bargained for a cab ride with a warm pizza and a six-pack of Coke.
12. You believe that your status as a railfan is proportional to the number of cameras around your neck.
13. You have a web site set up on railfanning. (That would be me.)
14. When you talk about "Big Macs" you are not referring to a McDonald's burger.
15. You and your railfan buddies get into EMD vs. GE arguments the way rednecks get into Ford vs. Chevy brawls.Original source apparrently via

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NBSRFAN said...

I'm defintiely a railfan.. I have a cat named "Alco"