Friday, February 8, 2008

NBEC #403

This evening around 1750 I was on my way to Dalhousie to get some gas when I had noticed 403 hadn't arrived yet in Campbellton so just to take a look, I had decided to go to my unlucky spot in Dalhousie Jct and see if there was anything coming. As I approched the crossing I heard a crackling on the scaner. It could have been anything I thought, but just to be sure I decided to go have a look anyhow. I was about five hundred feet from the crossing when the hot box detector started talking. "OH CRAP!" I thought I knew it was 403 so very quickly pulled a "u-ey" and parked the car to the side and rushed out and reached into the back seat and took out my tri pod. I very hastely set my self up track side and less than a minute later I seen the lights of the lead power making the turn. I made a quick assessment of my surroundings and thought maybe I was too close to the tracks and as you might have seen in the video I was a little too close. So I moved over and noticed I was still close. All the while the train is getting closer. So finally I got a good safe distance away from the tracks and well the train went by.

As the train went by it kicked up a lot of the snow that fell all evening and I got a face full of it. You don't see me in the video but I ran back to the car because there was a lot of snow coming at me. It was quite funny as you could imagin, Melissa was there with me and you could hear her in the video telling me the train was one mile from Dalhousie Jct as she said that I had seen the head lights. She had a good laugh at my exspense when she seen all the snow hit me. Any how I took some pictures too they're not the best quality but they're good enough to post here. Also tomorrow I'll be heading to Moncton to chase the Ocean as far as maybe Miramichi and catch it as it arrives in Moncton. From there I hope to catch CN at Gort. Well I'll post my adventure tomorrow night when I return. One more thing the lead power tonight was NBEC 6900 and I didn't catch the other three. There were four in all.

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