Thursday, February 7, 2008

Railfanning trip this weekend

This weekend I'll be heading to Moncton to do some railfanning there, I'm actually pretty excited about it, I was supposed to go tomorrow morning but due to an unforeseen incident I won't be able to chase the Ocean to Moncton like I had orgionally planned but not everything is lost though, I could still do that on Saturday morning. I may spend the night there not sure yet, I was considering chaseing Ocean 15 back to Campbellton but I think it's best if we returned with daylight rather than traval at night. I've never been to Moncton for this particular reason before so I'm not too sure on where to go, I've downloaded some maps to get to the Grodon yard and I know my way around Moncton pretty good so I think I'll do fine there. I'd like to goto Pacific Jct to take videos and stills from there that'll be a really great chance for me to get a lot of pictures I'm sure.

Yesterday I went to town get my coffee and 595 was one mile to Campbellton I knew it was the Dalhousie shunter so I parked my car on the side of the street and waited for the train to arrive and sure enough like clock work it arrived under ten minutes. I got the train it was all tank cars from the Chemical plant in Dalhousie. The power for this train was NBEC 1813 and five Procor tanker cars. I believe one of them was Sulphric Acid and the others were...well I'm not sure. After the crossing I went to the NBEC yard and 1840 was doing some yard work other than that it was a pretty quiet day. But here some pictures I took when I arrived in the yard.

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