Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring is here and I'm out and about again!

So here it is that time of year again and as you can see I have been out doing some railfanning! Yes it's been an interesting winter here in Halifax with the little to no snow and the trains coming in and out of the port city has been fun and interesting.

My self and a couple of other railfans in the area have been busy over the winter, chasing trains and what not. One other item of interest that I have been busy with or rather involved with is, I am a member of a rail sub commitie part of the Nova Scotia Ecoloigy action center here in Halifax. For now I'll keep it at that because this topic is deserving of it's own post. But for now I can say I am a member of this board and we are working hard to bring the best in rail transportation to the Maritimes!

In the mean time I have observed VIA 6443 sitting at the Halifax station I assume it was VIA 14. The rear of the unit has a rather interesting hub I am rather curious as to what it is and it's purpose. In the picture below you will see what I mean.
I know it is not the best picture but this is all I have for now. so till the next time have fun and keep chsing those trains! Oh and by the way a new CN121 video is on Youtube.