Monday, September 28, 2009

Last nights 121 and extra

So this is it! My first post in Halifax! Well so far so good. I have two failed chases and two successful chases under my belt. Last night and last weekend my self and Brian H. Had gone out and chased CN 121. Last night I met a few other local railfans, Calib and J Underwood. Last night though there was an extra 121 that left the rockingham yard. Don't quite know for sure what the number was for sure but for now I'll call it CN extra 121. I've heard and read a few different veriants but for now I'll stick with the latter.

So last nights chase was rather interesting, 121 wasn't as long as I had thought, and the extra was fairly long with all empties! I have two videos that I will upload to Youtube later on this evening if I am not too swamped in work. If not than this week diffently!

Well I'm on a bit of a time constraint, so until the next time, have fun and keep chasing those trains!