Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Although this year I have been pretty quiet in terms of posting my railfan adventures does not mean that I haven't been out! Infact I have been quite busy, traveling the province and some of the maritimes (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) either by car or by train.

Though not too many pictures were taken, and those that I did take are now lost (Long complicated story.) However in April, June, August, September I have traveled the Ocean between Halifax and Campbellton. Though now it is well known, the section of track between Rogersville and Bathurst is pretty much all slow order, I don`t recall going any faster than 35 Mph and between Campbellton and Bathurst it`s between 45 - 55 Mph. The Irvings got a big chunk of government money to upgrade their lines between St John and St Stephan, CN is putting a bit of cash into the Newcastle sub, between Campbellton and Moncton, lot`s of ribbon rail being laid and new ties as well.

With that being said, now on to something a littler more festive. Although not in the Maritimes here is the Canadian Pacific "Holiday train" and from my family to yours have a happy and safe Christmas! And remember to keep chasing those trains, Safely!