Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

For many Canadians we all know of the folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. Excelent singer and some pretty good songs. I personally only have a few of his songs that I really enjoy. One of them being "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" for obvious reasons however I've always liked that song since I was young.

Last Canada Day this song played on CBC radio and the host had commented on how the song starts of slow as though a train is at the station then the song slowly starts to speed up then it get's faster and faster as though a train gains speed. Then slows down again as though the train is pulling into a station. Then it speeds up and slows down as would a train. It was a really interesting anoloigy the commentor had made.

For those interested here's a video I had found on Youtube. that shows exactly what I mean. Watch and enjoy!

Keep chasing those trains and have fun!