Monday, September 28, 2009

Last nights 121 and extra

So this is it! My first post in Halifax! Well so far so good. I have two failed chases and two successful chases under my belt. Last night and last weekend my self and Brian H. Had gone out and chased CN 121. Last night I met a few other local railfans, Calib and J Underwood. Last night though there was an extra 121 that left the rockingham yard. Don't quite know for sure what the number was for sure but for now I'll call it CN extra 121. I've heard and read a few different veriants but for now I'll stick with the latter.

So last nights chase was rather interesting, 121 wasn't as long as I had thought, and the extra was fairly long with all empties! I have two videos that I will upload to Youtube later on this evening if I am not too swamped in work. If not than this week diffently!

Well I'm on a bit of a time constraint, so until the next time, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Friday, August 28, 2009

On to a new adventure.

Today Friday Aug28th will be my last day on New Brunswick's North Shore. My self and Jessie are moving to Halifax to goto school, I had a lot of fun chasing and photographing trains here, but it's time to move on and explore new regions and further my education, I will be finishing up my arts degree and move on to more challanges that await me.

Of course I will be railfanning in Halifax and surrounding areas so no this won't be my last railfan blog!

Till my next post, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yesterday morning I was on my way to get my morning coffee when I had noticed something different at the Campbellton yard. So after getting my coffee and a few things done in town I had gone to the yard to have a looksy. What I had seen was a locomotive, I suspected was a yard switcher which hasn't been seen in the Campbellton yard in a number of years. Well since I was young anyhow.
Jess and I had waited at the enternce to the yard for whom I believe is Foreman Penault(?). He kindly gave us permission to enter the yard to photograph the locomotive in question. Provided that I wear a hard hat and vest. Which I did have on hand because of my second job at the mill.

My suspicions were right! it was a GMD1 yard switcher! I was quite surprised actually. So here are some of my better pictures that I had taken. And thanks again to the Foreman for allowing us to enter the yard.

Well that's it for now, I'll post again later today to write about my case with 6402! Till then have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quebec City Pt II

As I had said in my previous post, here are the pictures.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quebec City

This past weekend I was in Quebec City to see Cirque du Soleil. While enrute to Quebec City I had seen a late (As per usual) VIA 14 near St Alexis Que going through the early morning mist of the Matapedia river, roughly about 0700. Somewheres near St Pascal(?) I had seen CN 121(?) and of course when in Quebec City I had taken a "leasurly" strole down to the docks and seen a former Conrail loco sitting in the yard with three box cars on a siding not too far away. I don't remember the loco number at this moment however when I get the pictures uploaded I'll post them here.

Also on July 30th I had caught CN 564 on it's way back from Bathurst with 33 cars in tow, I have a video of that and I'll post it to Youtube ASAP. Other than that it's been pretty good, I was quite surprised at the amount of trains I had caught along the way, however on the return trip I didn't see any. I heard a local on my scanner in Mont Joli other than that it was really quite coming home. Well I'll post the pictures when they are avaliable till then have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Friday, July 17, 2009

VIA 14 emergency call.

A few weeks ago we had some pretty wet days, about two weeks worth of rain to be exact. The Ocean was at M.P. 165.2 ( One mile from the gated crossing at Dalhousie Jct) and the Ocean called in an emergincy. There were unsafe track conditions at or around that mile post. I have posted the video on Youtube. Also here are a few pictures I have of the CN test train that came to Campbellton a few weeks ago back in June. The test train was on the Newcastle sub, it went to Moncton and I believe it turned there and came back down the Newcastle and went to Montreal from here. Enjoy, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HERZOG ballast train CN 906

As the title says, a HERZOG ballast train was on the Mont Joli sub last night and I was there to catch it! I have posted a video on Youtube. It was a rather long train, according to NB Rails member it was running in DPU mode and is the first on the Mont Joli sub. Also according to Steve Boyko (Traingeek) CN 906 (Herzog ballast train) is an unmanned ballast train with a CN pilot on board and a couple of Herzog employee's to dump the ballast, the train has been programmed with preset areas to dump the ballast at preset locations by GPS.

CN 906 will be leaving this morning and will continue to dump ballast starting at M.P. 07.XX, the horn on that bad boy was pretty loud. Diffently a sound that demands your attention! Or one that says, "Get out of my way!" Well that's about all for now, I know it's been a long while since I last wrote, hope this tides you over till the next time. Here are a few pictures from last night's catch of CN 906.

Well that's it for me this week as far as trains go, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

For many Canadians we all know of the folk singer Gordon Lightfoot. Excelent singer and some pretty good songs. I personally only have a few of his songs that I really enjoy. One of them being "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" for obvious reasons however I've always liked that song since I was young.

Last Canada Day this song played on CBC radio and the host had commented on how the song starts of slow as though a train is at the station then the song slowly starts to speed up then it get's faster and faster as though a train gains speed. Then slows down again as though the train is pulling into a station. Then it speeds up and slows down as would a train. It was a really interesting anoloigy the commentor had made.

For those interested here's a video I had found on Youtube. that shows exactly what I mean. Watch and enjoy!

Keep chasing those trains and have fun!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A little bit more.

Considering the flooding parts of New Brunswick has experienced this spring I thought it appropriate to share this piece I found in the local paper.

In last weeks Tribune, (May 6Th 2009) there was an article in the "Restigouche in History" section. "Seventy five years ago (1934)" The article is about the INR (Former St Quentin sub) once owned by CN till it was abandoned in 1989.

Here's what was written in the article.

"One of the heaviest floods to have occurred on the INR was that of yesterday when 65 feet of the railway track was flooded at Mileage 19, situated between Millerville and Upsalquitch. Last night a train was sent out from here to transfer the passengers and bring them to Campbellton, the train arriving here about 10:30. Trainmen on arrival said that this flood was the heaviest they ever witnessed on the INR. It extended some 65 feet and in places was 19 feet deep. Owing to the nature of the ground in this district passengers were enabled to walk on dry ground between the transfer train. Orders have gone out that passengers, mail, express, and light goods are to be transferred today, and it is likely will be continued so long as the conditions warrant. At the present writing The Tribune has been unable to ascertain weather the water is still rising or falling, but it is anticipated that in any event it will not be necessary to transfer passengers beyond a day or two. It is said this flood was caused through the hamming of some pulp wood and the rapid melting of the snow."
(If interested here's a link with a brief history on the line. Also CN's application to abandon the line)

Here are a few pictures I have taken two weeks ago in Upsalquich to show the flooding that can occur on the former St Quentin Sub. A little side note. The river shown in these pictures is the Upsalquich River. The former INR crossed it as you can see. There is a brook that runs adjacent for a good portion of the line, Grogg Brook. This brook as you can see from the article has caused many a wash out along the line from Upsalquich to points north of the line over the years, and still does today. The line today is cared for by locals and cabin owners along the whole subdivision as well as a publicly run organisation which maintains the trail that uses this line.

That's it for now, so have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend railfanning

On Saturday Jess and I caught CN 564 at Dalhousie Jct, we just happend to be in the right place at the right time. We decided to go take our Daughter out for a walk on a dirt road that paraelles the tracks. As we parked the car my scanner pipped up with the detector at M.P.. 159.9 calling out CN 564. I didn't pick up the whole report it was a little hard to hear with all the static. I did catch there were no defects.

So turned around and headed back to the crossing, and moments later 564 came around the bend, with a good mix of freight. It's not easy to spot in the video I had posted on Youtube, but in my pictures you can see the engineer waving to me as he passed by.

Here are the pictures from Saturday.

Here's the orgional picture. I had to crop it. The corpped picture is further up in this post.Also on Saturday afternoon Jess and I seen the "look out" has finally been opened for the summer, which happens to overlook the Yard. I took a few pictures and noticed there are still some NBEC RS-18's sitting in the yard. I assume these ones are dead and are of no use. Were more than likely used for parts.

When I zoomed in on the number boards, the only one I know for sure of is 1858, I stand to corrected but I think there is also 1850 and possibly 1855. The others I couldn't make out at all.

On Sunday we went to Bathurst, but I'll save that post for later. Have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Monday, April 13, 2009

From the banks of the mighty Restigouche.

In the past couple of weeks there has been some really good reasons to fear a major flood on the Restigouche River, in some places west of Campbellton the river has crested it's banks, Matapedia has expirenced another spring flooding, CN has dispatched another ballast train to sit on the bridge crossing the Restigouche, to aid in the prevention of the bridge being carried down stream. CN locomotive 9592 has been sitting at the station in Matapedia since sometime last week, to pull the ballast cars off the bridge to allow other trains pass over, then to return the cars back on the bridge. This has been a yearly custom for as long as I can remember.

The flooding has been as bad as some has predicted and not nearly as bad as last year or even near the flood of 1994. The Canadian Coast Guard has been sending a hover craft ice breaker to the Restigouche since 1995 to break up the ice before another major flood could cause some damage to surounding properties.

The St John river from what I have been hearing and reading on the news is doing just about the same, some areas have flooded but no major flooding expirenced such as last spring. So I guess it would be a safe bet to say the NTR will not be closed this time due to flooding on the St John river. The river has crested it's banks but the water is receading and things look good so far.

I have a few pictures taken over the weekend in Matapedia, of the ice jam in Matapedia and some of the flooding. enjoy and remember, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A very late VIA 14!

I am not sure on the reasons but the Ocean 14 is very late on arriving in Campbellton. The Ocean typically arrives in Campbellton at abour 0730 six times a week and is typically out of Campbellton by 0800hrs. Here are some pictures I had taken a few moments before writting this post.

Monday, April 6, 2009

NBEC 6900 series

Today is April 6th, according to Steve Boyko's (Traingeek) blog there is one SD40 - 2 left on the former NBEC. 6910. Here is 6909 sister to 6910. Taken June 2008.

All that is left in Campbellton to my knowledge is 6909, I have noticed lately there is increased car loads in the Campbellton yard, though I know that don't mean a whole lot, just an observation. I would like to share with you though, my small collection of pictures I have accumulated of the past two years of NBEC/CFMG RS-18's and SD-40's.
NBEC RS-18 1813NBEC RS-18 1816NBEC SD-40 6905NBEC SD-40 6906

NBEC SD-40 6905 (Again!)NBEC RS-18 1868NBEC RS-18 1857NBEC SD-40 6908NBEC(QRC) RS-18 3000NBEC RS-18 1857 (Again!)

I have a lot more pictures of NBEC/CFMG locomotives but this should be enough for now, enjoy and keep chaseing those trains!