Monday, April 6, 2009

NBEC 6900 series

Today is April 6th, according to Steve Boyko's (Traingeek) blog there is one SD40 - 2 left on the former NBEC. 6910. Here is 6909 sister to 6910. Taken June 2008.

All that is left in Campbellton to my knowledge is 6909, I have noticed lately there is increased car loads in the Campbellton yard, though I know that don't mean a whole lot, just an observation. I would like to share with you though, my small collection of pictures I have accumulated of the past two years of NBEC/CFMG RS-18's and SD-40's.
NBEC RS-18 1813NBEC RS-18 1816NBEC SD-40 6905NBEC SD-40 6906

NBEC SD-40 6905 (Again!)NBEC RS-18 1868NBEC RS-18 1857NBEC SD-40 6908NBEC(QRC) RS-18 3000NBEC RS-18 1857 (Again!)

I have a lot more pictures of NBEC/CFMG locomotives but this should be enough for now, enjoy and keep chaseing those trains!


Train Geek said...

Nice photos!

That first photo (of 6909) is just off the Newcastle sub on the Dalhousie sub, isn't it? What's the name of that facility? I seem to remember it is some kind of chemical plant.

clam502 said...

Thanks Steve!

Yes that would be the Dalhousie Spur, in the direction of Dalhousie. The chemical plant shown here is General Chemical, it's just off Blair Melcom road, just off the Newcastle sub! The tracks are cleared right to the plant, but are still buried under snow past the plant...obviously.