Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend railfanning

On Saturday Jess and I caught CN 564 at Dalhousie Jct, we just happend to be in the right place at the right time. We decided to go take our Daughter out for a walk on a dirt road that paraelles the tracks. As we parked the car my scanner pipped up with the detector at M.P.. 159.9 calling out CN 564. I didn't pick up the whole report it was a little hard to hear with all the static. I did catch there were no defects.

So turned around and headed back to the crossing, and moments later 564 came around the bend, with a good mix of freight. It's not easy to spot in the video I had posted on Youtube, but in my pictures you can see the engineer waving to me as he passed by.

Here are the pictures from Saturday.

Here's the orgional picture. I had to crop it. The corpped picture is further up in this post.Also on Saturday afternoon Jess and I seen the "look out" has finally been opened for the summer, which happens to overlook the Yard. I took a few pictures and noticed there are still some NBEC RS-18's sitting in the yard. I assume these ones are dead and are of no use. Were more than likely used for parts.

When I zoomed in on the number boards, the only one I know for sure of is 1858, I stand to corrected but I think there is also 1850 and possibly 1855. The others I couldn't make out at all.

On Sunday we went to Bathurst, but I'll save that post for later. Have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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