Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Ocean 15

Last night October 13th 2007, I took my oldest Daughter on the train from Bathurst to Charlo (We missed the 14 that morning) She loved the trip very much, as much as a six year old would to her it was a great adventure. So the train arrived in Bathurst at 2000hrs and departed 2010hrs, one thing I noticed and I'm sure it's because the Renasance cars are designed that way, was how when the train began to depart the station there was no jerking and I hardly felt the train move, that is till we got at full speed, I have always known the new trains were designed that way I just never really noticed it before.

Now the days are getting shorter and day light is less I didn't take much pictures of the train or while on board mainly I didn't want to upset the other travalers with constant flashes, though I wish Via would keep the dome car with the Renasance train. Other than the Park Car at the end of the train. That way I could take some pictures however natrual light wasn't there at this time of year.

All in all it was fun and my Daughter had a great time riding the train or "Thomas" while pulling "Annie and Clarabelle" Yes she is still a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. Her and her sisters have a very wide collection of Thomas the Tank Engine videos.

At present I have a short 1:00 min video up on youtube of Ocean 15 arriving in Bathurst, you could hear me telling my wife the batteries are about to die on the camera, so she told me to take stills, knowing doing that it would use more "juice" to make the flash "flash". Well enjoy and tomorrow morning we'll be heading out to catch Freight 402 make it's daily run to Bathurst, Miramachi and Moncton and all points in between.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm back

Yesterday afternoon I go check my mail as I always do and what is waiting for me? My camera! Well I'll be posting more videos and stills as soon as I catch the first train. I was going to make my first blogg in a few weeks about the train ride me and my Daughter were going to go on but we slepted in so now I'm going to have to do some major sucking up to her because she isn't too impressed with me. Maybe a new doll will make her happy? Well I'll back and I'll post the first video on youtube as soon as I get em. Sorry for the long wait folks.