Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is approching!

So now that spring is approching that also means more daylight chases! So to celebrate the time shift on Saturday night, I had packed up my cameras and decided to chase the 403 from Charlo to Campbellton. Well I have this problem it's called "Timing" yes! Timing is an issue to me because every time I make a plan to catch any train I am almost always too early or too late! So in rare cases I'll be on my way and I'll meet up with a train. Sunday evening was no exception to that. Along the way to Charlo I met up with 403 in Richardsville. So turning around now I'm heading back into Campbellton, upon arrival back in Campbellton, I decided to take a few shots of the head end. Well Sunday was pretty warm so a lot of snow melted and the streets were pretty wet. So that ment the camera got spray from the vehicle infront of me. You'll see in a few shots exactly what I mean, AND how to adapt and over come such incident.
So I arrived at a pre selected crossing and began my shoot. I managed to get both video and stills! I got some decent shots, the video is pretty good too! Well here are my pictures.

Above I had mentioned road spray from another vehicle ahead of us, well this is what happend the lense got sprayed and the shot was messed up? Ahhh but not really! Because why let a great shot goto waste when you can take advantage of such a mess up and make it look like a really old picture with Sephia tone!

So that was about it for me this week as far as trains go! I will post more later this week, going to goto McGiveny tomorrow or possibly Thursday so hopefully with some great videos and pictures for you. Till then have fun and keep chasing those trains!