Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quebec City

This past weekend I was in Quebec City to see Cirque du Soleil. While enrute to Quebec City I had seen a late (As per usual) VIA 14 near St Alexis Que going through the early morning mist of the Matapedia river, roughly about 0700. Somewheres near St Pascal(?) I had seen CN 121(?) and of course when in Quebec City I had taken a "leasurly" strole down to the docks and seen a former Conrail loco sitting in the yard with three box cars on a siding not too far away. I don't remember the loco number at this moment however when I get the pictures uploaded I'll post them here.

Also on July 30th I had caught CN 564 on it's way back from Bathurst with 33 cars in tow, I have a video of that and I'll post it to Youtube ASAP. Other than that it's been pretty good, I was quite surprised at the amount of trains I had caught along the way, however on the return trip I didn't see any. I heard a local on my scanner in Mont Joli other than that it was really quite coming home. Well I'll post the pictures when they are avaliable till then have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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