Saturday, February 9, 2008

Moncton Trip

Well today was a bit of a dissapointment. First I woke up late, I slept through my alarm clock I had set it for 0500. I woke up at 0750 and realised I missed the train so I I had decided to call the whole trip off figureing it wasn't worth it since there were no NBEC trains today and well it's a weekend so the yards in Bathurst and Miramichi were quiet I thought we diffently won't make it.

So I called the whole trip off by 0800, so I was up stairs makeing my morning tea and decided to turn on the scaner and mope around the house like a child upset about something when I heard the Ocean saying they were one mile from somewheres. My ears perked up, so I called the train station, the Ocean was late arriving and had left Campbellton at 0806 this morning so I rushed to get my self dressed and hastely got the girls dressed as well and we were out the door gunning it all the way to Bathurst to catch it arriving there. But I missed it by five minutes. So I hurried back to the highway and stayed in between 100 and 120 kph all the way to the chi. When we finally arrived I went to the station and again to my dismay I was fifteen minutes late. I shouldn't have stopped for the coffee! So we spent most of the day in Miramichi and had a quick lunch and decided to head back home. So the whole day was a complete failure however it was better than my typical Saturday. I figured I was about ten to fifteen minutes behind the 14 the whole time, it was quite dissapointing but I got to spend the day with my Daughters.


NBSRFAN said...

We all have bad days when chasing trains. Sometimes the smallest things can effect how a chase goes. Keep up the good work.

clam502 said...

Thanks. Like I said it wasn't all that bad but I was looking forward to catching the 14 at lease once, I've had bad days before but not like this and I see what you mean buy "The smallest things" I hear you there. Thanks for the comment.

Adam p. said...

So Via 14 was running late on Saturday. I guess thats why I never saw it. I spent an hour sitting in an Irving parking lot along the tracks in Halifax Saturday afternoon with the camera ready but it never showed up. I did see it the previous night going through Rockingham yards but was not railfanning at the time.