Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Railfanning 11 Feb 08

On Monday I went out to catch a train or two just get some new pictures and videos, I heard NBEC 1845 in the Campbellton yard doing some shunting, putting a train together for the 403. I only got two pictures and a six minute video. The video isn't the best, in the background you can hear my Daughters talking and mocking the people on the scaner, the video it self I'll admit isn't all that great it's kinda shaky and that dumpster was in the way so I tried to avoid getting it into the shot but as you can see I got it anyhow.

Later I decided to try my luck again with the 403, so we went for a drive to Dalhousie and when we stopped at my usual spot in Dalhousie Jct rather the 403 I caught a MOW plow and a truck on the tracks. They were talking about me on the radio, "There's a guy at the crossing taking pictures of us." Said the plow. The truck "Smile!" Got a good laugh. Or at lease that's how I translated it. My French isn't all that great but good enough to get by. Another thing I noticed was the lights weren't activated at the crossing at all, which I thought was rather odd, either they're not working or were deactivated by the work crew I'm not sure. If anyone has an explaination feel free to clear that up for me. I also took a video of that as well just thought I'd bring that up too it is a better video than that at the Campbellton yard. Well that was an interesting start to the week. I'll post those two videos on youtube as soon as I can.

Speaking of youtube there's a video on youtube that made me laugh not at him but with him and I can't say how offten this has happened to me as well, he was startled by the horn which the engineer had obviously done on purpose it's pretty funny though and I am sure that was the intent.

As I said in the comments this happens to the best of us, I can't tell you how many times I was caught off guard by those horns especailly when your expecting it to happen but they always seem to catch you off guard anyhow. NBECMich is the owner of this video and I may also add they're pretty good too, I like his videos. Anyhow enjoy and keep posting those videos!

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