Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Railfanning safety.

After viewing one of my videos and reading a comment on that video I had decided to make this post. In one of my videos on youtube I was standing pretty close to the train as it rolled by well I want to stress this point. It was a stupid mistake on my behalf and I DO NOT recomend that at all. My own action not only sets a bad example to other railfans and the general public whom had viewed that video but I had also set a very bad example to my children whom have seen that video. It with that video in mind that I have decided to write about safety around railroads and trains in hopes that others will heed this as a valuable tip and warning.

So case in point I want to share some videos and a web site on railfanning safety. This site I have found talks about the verious dangers of railways and possible dangers that lurk nearby. This site is more about railfanning in India HOWEVER the points stressed within are for all railways world wide. http://www.irfca.org/docs/railfan-safety.html As I am very much sure everyone knows what kind of damage a train can do when it's hauling a long fully loaded train and we all know it can take a couple of miles to come to a complete stop. So my advice is keep safe while pursueing a train, it's a fun hobby also a dangerious one but can be a safe one as well.

A quick point about the video I had made last August where I was standing too close to the tracks. Though the train was going slow anything could have happened, this video here is proof of that, it's not violant or full of gore it's just a train derailment and it shows how quick and sudden they can happen with little or no warning at all.

And in this video I'm sure we've all seen by now it shows that common sense is the best safety device to use while photographing trains or taking videos. When doing so stay far enough away from the tracks as this video proves.

This last video shows that when your at a crossing with two sets of tracks to look both ways and wait for the warning lights to stop before crossing. Again nothing horriffic here to see.

I hope with these videos and with the site I provided we can make this a safe and enjoyable hobby. Also one more point to make when filming or taking pictures of trains always make sure you do so on public properity many people don't like it when you walk through their yards, I don't know from a personal expirence but I wouldn't like it if someone was in my yard without my knowledge or permission as I am sure you feel the same. Thanks for reading and keep it fun and safe.

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