Friday, February 22, 2008

What might have been!

Last evening I was on my way to town on my usual evening coffee run, I was still on the bridge when I noticed NBEC 403 still hadn't arrived in Campbellton that was when I realised I didn't have my camera or my scaner with me, however just then I looked to the other side of the bridge and seen the crossing lights at the Andrew Street crossing flashing Darn! I missed it however all wasn't lost, I still caught it as it entered the Campbellton yard but I have no pictures or video as already mentioned I didn't bring it with me. The girls on the other hand got the train fix for the day though so all was a total loss.

Another thing worth bringing up is there has been a lot of rummors and talk of CN buying back the NBEC line from Mont Joile down to Moncton...Well I have mixed feelings about that another rummor I've heard was because they are interested in the NBEC is among other things there is a possibility of mines opening up on the North Shore and in Northern New Brunswick which would mean a tonn of money for CN and they want in obviously. As part of that rumor CN is paying way too much money for the Napadogan Sub the bridges there are too big and long and cost CN too much money whereas on the NBEC there are fewer bridges and are small, the largest ones would be in Miramichi and Matapedia and those three don't compaire to the Salmon River Thristle so you can just imagin how much it would cost to up keep that one and the others on the sub compaired to the ones on the Newcastle sub. Another rummor I heard was they are going to abandon the Napadogan sub all together and use the Newcastle sub as their main line in New Brunswick Now that I'm not too sure on I wouldn't keep my fingers crossed on that one, however it would make sense if it costs them too much to keep it going. The route is slightly longer but costs less to upkeep aside from inital maintence start up costs the Newcastle sub is the best choice and on top of that if they shut down the Napadogan sub we're looking at more freight passing through here and that would obviously mean more jobs to the sense that they need people to move the freight around in Campbellton and maybe the Campbellton yard will become the busy place it once was back in the 50's, 60's 70's and to the late 80's. MAYBE!

However those are just rumors all I know for fact is in the next few weeks CN will be having talks with NBEC about what I'm not sure from what I understand it's about trackage rights at Pacific Jct (?) and stocks and bonds. But that's all I know the rest is just rummors. Well that's been the last week or so with me in regards to the rails.

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