Saturday, February 2, 2008

Former INR line Campbellton to St Quentin NB. PT 3

For the past couple of weeks I've been out taking pictures of the former INR line through Campbellton and following up on a few tips. I receved an email about a week and a half ago about the remains of a bridge in Glencoe that was part of the former INR line. This bridge is aproximatly three hundred feet away from the line where the orgional 7.6 mile meets with the newer 2.4 mile long section. I was looking around further from my car and I noticed the bridge is now on private properity however you could see from the highway there has been considerable development over the past 90 years since the line was dismantaled back in 1919.

I've taken several pictures, of the former line this one here is of the bridge it self and directly across the highway is the newer bridge built in 1919 both bridges crossed Christopher Brook.

This is the newer bridge built in 1920 shortly after CNR bought the INR directly across the highway from one another.

This is the same bridge as ubove from where the tracks would have crossed the highway

In these pictures you could see the raised earth where the line used to be, this is about a hundred feet away from the old INR bridge.

This was taken just before the old bridge.This one was where the orgional 7.6 mile of track links up with the newer 2.4 miles that was built in 1919/20In this picture I'd like to point out the same in all of them you can still clearly see the raised earth of the track bed, it's quite interesting to see, knowing that your looking at New Brunswick Railroad history.

So there you have it, some of my latest pictures, and I'd like to thank Jim from NB Rails Yahoo group for pointing out that bridge for me, as I'm sure I've said many times before, I've seen a lot of these strutures and former road beds and never really gave them much thought and I guess to say ignored them all these years and not know what they really were but now that I know what they once were it gives me a certin appreciation for Railroad history. When the spring thaw comes I'll be sure to take more pictures before all the leaves come back for another summer so this way I could get a better view and better pictures of the old radbed as well as other pictures of the rest of the line to St Quentin.

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