Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Video on Youtube

As the title says I had just completed a new video and posted it to Youtube! It's just a collection of some of the better pictures I have taken in the past year to "celebrate" my first year as an active railfan hahahaha Yeh I know geeky but oh well. I had a lot of fun in the past year chaseing trains and learning a lot about the hobby and learning a few safety tips as well.

Steve Boyko posted his blog on his attempt at catching VIA 615 on the NTR and well he didn't get that shot. Well it happens to the best of us, on Monday I chased the 402 as far as Richardsville (Campbellton City limits) and heard on the scaner that the 402 would turn in Bathurst and become the 403. Well I got pumped up for it and made plans to catch it in Dalhousie Jct that evening.

I waited and waited and waited till FINALLY my scanner pipped up and it was RTC calling 403 to find out where they were. Turns out 403 was between Charlo and Eel River Crossing. Well that was about ten minutes or so from me. So I grabbed the scanner off the roof of the car and grabbed my camera and ran down the hill and got into postion and waited. Than all of a sudden the sun dissapeard behind large black clouds. I figured I had a few minutes before the rain started and continued my wait. Than I seen lightning streek across the sky and immeaditly after that a very loud clap of thunder split the air and made me throw my self to the ground, (Reflexes I guess.) Well that's when I had decided to pack it up and head back to the car because that lighting was pretty damn close. As I was walking back up to the car another strike and loud clap of thunder freaked the crap out of me and I began to run to the car. No sooner was I in the car when the huge down pour of rain started and well I was getting dissapointed.

The 403 was less than ten minutes away and I couldn't get my shot. So we decided to try and catch it at the crossing just a few hundred meters down the road but the downpour was so heavy that I couldn't see no more than five feet in front of the car and if I had opened the window than my camera would have been useless. So due to the weather I had no choice but to call off the chase and head home empty handed and quite dissapointed. So my whole point is, Steve chin up buddy at lease you got the tail end of the Ocean and a video of the CN freight, I didn't even get a single picture. Like you said in your comment on your blog, "I had my scanner not my Crystal ball." Well I should invest in one of those too or maybe check the weather before heading out hahaha.
To add insult to injury I knew the 403 was right there, it was withen hearing distance and I knew where it was but DAMN! Friggen weather. Oh well so yesterday I again went back to Dalhousie Jct to try my luck again. Well this time the weather stayed pretty decent no rain and no sudden thunder storms and no 403. Apprently the 403 arrived in Campbellton around 2030hrs so yeh....I'm thinking about chaseing it again this evening but I don't know. By the way I left Dalhousie Jct around 1900hrs. Roughly about an hour and a half ahead of the 403.

So here are a few pictures I have just something to share I guess. Also here is the video I posted on Youtube.

I took this picture one evening on my way to chase 615 and couldn't help but laugh when I seen the exit number. This is on Hwy 11 on my way to Dalhousie Jct. Exit 403 HAHAHAHA Yeh I think I'm taking this hobby a little too far eh?

The picture below was taken in December of NBEC 4203 and the one below it was taken the first week of July 08. Almost the same spot as in December. With less snow!
Well that's about it for me as for trains, I'm hopeing the Ocean will be back tonight on the Newcastle Sub. So keep chaseing those trains and have fun.


Train Geek said...

Happy first year!

Thanks for the comments on my near-miss at McGivney. In the end, it's just a train and there will be more of them!

About your exit 403... I have the same fascination with numbers, specifically engine numbers.

clam502 said...

Yeh it's just a train but it get's so frustrating when you know it's right there and you just can't get it. Like your self I was so close but couldn't do anything about it. Oh well I'm going to defy my bad luck with the Junction and get that shot tonight! lol
Any word yet if there will be a 615 on the Newcastle tonight?

clam502 said...

Oh and Thank you!