Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amid the mosquitos...

Indeed what an evening it was with the mosquitos and black flies. I'm still itchy is all I can say about lastnights adventure and so is my Daughter. Last night around 2000hrs I phone the train station and asked what time the 15 would be in, and of course you can count the Ocean being late. 615 was late agian last night by an hour roughly. I went to Dalhousie Jct and waited for the Ocean there. I wasn't there long when the Detector went off, that was when I rushed down to where I had my camera set up. When I got there I had mare seconds to press record. Well I wouldn't exactly say mare seconds just more or less a short period of time. I did catch it though that was the main point. The itchy welts were worth it though.

As it turns out NBECmich had caught the Ocean just outside of Bathurst last night as well, he also reports the mosquitos were just as bad for him as they were for me. Here is his video and about an hour or so later here is mine.

So that was pretty much it for me as far as trains go for this week, so keep chasing those trains and have fun!

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