Thursday, July 24, 2008

NBEC 402

This morning I was heading out to get my morning coffee when suddenly I remembered the words of a wise rail fan and VIA Rail employee Ron Jackson(Ret). "A true rail fan never leaves his house without his camera and scaner." So I ran back in the house and picked up my camera and scaner. Just as we were pulling onto the bridge crossing the Mighty Restigouche what do I see sitting in the Campbellton yard waiting for RTC to give the "ok" to leave...None other than NBEC 402. So after some minor convincing Jess and I went to the Ceader street crossing, (After we got our coffee.) and waited for the 402 to leave. After five minutes or so I could hear the bell of NBEC 3000 ringing signaling as it was making it's way to the crossing. I got video of 402 at that crossing. My intentions were to chase it to Dalhousie Jct and take pictures along the way. However the forces that be decided today wasn't going to be the day. In Richardsville my cell phone started ringing. Apprently there was a misscommunication somewheres and I had to be home for 1030hrs and not 1400hrs as I had previously thought. So the chase had to be cut short and turn around to head home. However I did catch some really neat shots as we were side by side with the freight.

For the past few days I've noticed a Government of Canada grain car in the Campbellton yard. Now I'm not sure where it's going or when it's leaving but it's not everyday you see a grain car in Campbellton. Last time I seen a Grain Car was in Montreal back in April. I took this from the Quebec side of the river so the picture is kinda crappy because I had to zoom in quite a distance to get even a practical picture. So here it is.

One more thing before I end this blog for the day, Jess had said a funny thing to me as we were chaseing the 402. She noted at every crossing people were either turning around as the train approched or when the lights came on. People were trying to avoid the train and avoid the wait at the lights. We were purposly waiting at the crossings for the train and chaseing it. Seem kinda ironic to me and kinda funny too.

Well that was it for me this morning however maybe later on today I'll catch another the day is still young. If not well there is always the 15 tonight. Have fun and keep chaseing those trains.

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