Monday, July 7, 2008

The railfan that tried

This past weekend I went on vacation, Jess and my two Daughters went to Fredericton and we stayed at the Crowne Plaza. It was a great weekend. My oldest Daughter spent 90% of the time in the pool or at Killarney Lake, she is a lot like me, she has water in her vains rather than blood. As my Grand father used to say, "There isn't blood in our vains there is only salt water!" and I burned too! Something that hasn't happend to me since I was sixteen. Anyhow I wanted to get a little bit of railfanning in there this weekend however Jess and my oldest Daughter Hailey had other plans for us and those plans didn't include chasing any trains. However I called Steve Boyko and he gave me a bit of information on when and where to go to catch some trains. However as I had mentioned there wasn't going to be any chances of us going to Tracy to catch NB Southern and well the only chance I remotely had was on the return trip home on Sunday when we would go through McGivney and Hwy 8 goes over the NTR.

It was exactly that on Sunday afternoon when we arrived in McGivney, however my railroad knowledge isn't all that great as far as signals go. When we arrived at the station the lights were red on red, I guessed that meant a train was due, I figured the lights were red because of that. Well I was wrong. I had decided to call Steve to check on that. He told me red on red meant there was NO train coming and I must say I was a bit dissapointed. He also asked me to check the other set of lights and if those were red on red as well than there was no trian coming from either direction. He said if they were red on green or yellow or other combos of the same colours than there would be something coming. Me and Hailey went for a short walk to the other set of lights and to my dismay those lights were also red on red. However I wasn't leaving McGivney without a few pictures which I did take.

Well that's pretty much it for me as far as railfanning go for this past weekend, Thanks to Steve Boyko for the intel on those signals and train times. Hopefully next time I'll catch one. Have fun and keep chasing those trains.


Train Geek said...

Sorry you didn't have any luck at McGivney. It's hit or miss. :P

clam502 said...

It's ok I'm over it now haha.

Saintjohnrailfan said...

How long were you there? I noticed in that last picture WAY down the line, it looks like their was something in the siding.

clam502 said...

I was there somewheres in between twenty minutes and half an hour. That train in the distance was there the whole time I was there. It appeared to me it was on the sideing down the line.