Thursday, July 3, 2008

A bit more traffic on the Cascapedia.

Lately I've noticed there has been an increase in carload traffic on the Cascapedia sub. Yesterday I watched a freight go through the community with aprox twenty cars, that's a lot considering just last year the owners wanted to abandon the line at some point! I've seen carload traffic as big as one car and no cars at all, just a locomotive going down the line. However last month I picked up a copy of the "The Gaspe Spec" (June 11th 2008) in it there was an article that caught my interest right away. "Smurfit-Stone and New Richmond settlement opens door to new rail traffic."
The artile reads "The town of New Richmond will finally allowe Smurfit-Stone to use it's New Richmond facility to store and ship overseas a liquid produced by it's Matane plant called 'Wood molasses' " The article further reads that this deal is good news for the Gaspe rail line. The article was written by Gilles Gagne. Yesterday (And a few times prior) I seen aprox ten tanker cars and about ten loaded lumber cars. That is the longest train I've seen on the Cascapedia since I was a child! The loaded lumber cars were obviously from the lumber mill in Neouville (Excuse the spelling) that is the only lumber mill I know of in the area that is still in operation which is owned and operated by Tembec. In all that's great news! I'm glad to see more traffic on the line. As for my self, I haven't done much as far as railfaning goes, I've been working like a dog at work and here at home, I don't have much time to play Golf or to go play paintball, I bought a new marker a tibirus 8. Can't wait to use it however I won't be home this weekend to do so. Anyhow have fun and keep chasing those trains.

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