Friday, July 11, 2008

Quiet day!

Today has been a quiet day in regards to trains, the scanner has been quiet most of the day except for the occational squlech of the the EOT device and VIA 616 calling RTC. Other than that it's been pretty quiet. However this morning after a failed attempt at chaseing the 402 from Campbellton I decided to go and have a "Heart attack" breakfast at McDonalds and well I was perched atop the lookout overlooking the Campbellton yard and shops, well everything down there seemed quiet! I did take a few pictures, mostly of nothing and of my foot...It's a nice shot! However yesterday I went to Morrissey Rock and took a few pictures there, I was certin I heard a train coming in that direction however I guess I must have heard wrong. That happens...Rarely but it happens. Anyhow that's about it for me for today in regards to trains. Have fun and keep chaseing those trains!


Train Geek said...

Nice shots of Morrissey rock!

clam502 said...

So that's how it's spelled! Oh well I can always count on you to inadvertly correct my spelling. hahaha. Thank you I wanted those pictures for quite some time now and I finally have them.