Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rain rain rain everywhere!

"I'm railfanning in the rain, Oh I'm railfanning in the rain!" YEh how corny of an opening is that eh? Well if anything it's the truth. Last night I went to chase the 615 in the rain it wasn't all that great I did get a somewhat "decent" video but for some reason or another I said out loud to my self, "Is that my 6400?" I reffering to the loco but it wasn't 6400 it was 6421 with the spiderman loco. I am debateing on weather to post it or not because well I don't like noise other than that of the train in my videos and my talking to my self isn't something I want posted. I chased it to Campbellton and in Campbellton got it arriving at the station which is a better picture than the one I filmed at McClouds. Better light and less of my talking. But just a little background here why I reffer to the 6400 as "My 6400" is because back in April when I was in Montreal for the railfan trip to CAD I sat in the drivers seat of this particular loco and well lived out a childhood dream among the other locomotives that were there at the time. So for no real particular reason I just call it "My 6400" Anyhow I did try to make an attempt at catching the 617 at Cross Point station however I guess there was no 617 lastnight. The police had even decided to stop by and see if everything was ok. Trying to explain to them that I was a "railroad photographer" wasn't easy considering they had big smiles on their faces and enjoyed a good laugh at my exspense. But oh well, they were kind enough to pull over on their return from where they were going in the first place to see if the train had gone by yet and to inform them when it did. Well I was tempted to call them anyhow once I got home and notify them the train had gone by just to get a good laugh at their exspense but naaaa the Listuguj Police Department is way too "busy" to be bothered with my hyjnics you know with the catching of underage drinkers and pulling over anyone with a New Brunswick license plate. That's a tough job! hahahaha!

So back to things that matter to me! On Thursday evening we were on our way to Dalhousie for fuel when suddenly my scanner picked up 403, "Dalhousie Jct one mile" Well that was my cue to get to the crossing which was "only" about 300 meters down the road. But we made it on time to get out of the car and hit record. I caught CFMG 403 crossing Blair Malcom Road at Dalhousie Jct. Wasn't a long train at all only a few loaded cars.

Well that was about it for me as for trains this week. Have fun and keep chaseing those trains!

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