Tuesday, March 4, 2008

VIA Rail Railfanning trip to Montreal

Since I read Steve Boyko's blog about the Rail fan trip to Montreal in April I've been pretty excited about it. Last night I contacted Andrew Reid the co-cooridinator of this trip and confirmed with him I'll be attending this year's trip. Surpriseingly it was very inexspensive and since I have friends in Montreal I won't have to spend any $$$ on a hotel, I just need to confirm things with them and I'm all set the only thing I'd have to spend on is of course food. We'll be visiting the Canadian Allied Diesel facility where they are rebuilding the F 40's for VIA Rail. We'll also be going to a few other places related to railroading I suggested we goto the former CP Rail Angus Shops but I don't think that'll be in the trip. I'd like to go still though I feel it would enhance the trip a lot. Though I'm sure there are a few concerns that need to be addressed such as where to go and privacy things of that nature since most of the former shops are now privately owned or torn down.

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