Thursday, March 20, 2008

Possible abandonment

I was researching the former Laurenient line (Excuse the spelling) in Quebec and I came across something that caught my attention right away. It appears that since the Gaspe Pannusula is expreiencing a huge fall out in the forestry sector with the closures of several saw mills and pulp and paper mills on the Gaspe CFMG is in the process of abandoning the line from New Carlisle to Chandler. That would be on the Cascapedia sub. If that were to happen than that would seriously screw up the Chaleur meaning it would no longer have the line to continue to Gaspe, that for some reason bothers me, this whole region from New Brunswicks North Shore to the Gaspe coast is in some serious trouble since our chief export is forestry and that sector doesn't look like it'll recover at any time in the near future. Here is the link and the few lines I seen on this topic.

"Matapedia & Gulf Railway Rivière du Loup (interchange with CN) to Tide Head, New Brunswick (meets New Brunswick East Coast Railway), with branches from Mont Joli to Matane (ferry to Baie Comeau) and from Matapedia via New Carlisle to Chandler (meets Gaspé Railway). In 2007, Matapedia & Gulf announced that it will begin abandonment proceedings for the section between New Carlisle and Chandler. Under Canadian law, it will be several years before the abandonment can be completed but, if it takes place, it will leave the Gaspé Railway isolated from the remainder of the Canadian network"


If you haven't already read the comments to this post, Steve Boyko had commented the section of track from New Carlisle to Chandler Quebec on the Cascapedia Sub was bought and funding came from the Governments of Quebec and Canada. This move had saved the line from an iminate doom. Again I am looking towards the future for the economy of the North Shore and the Gaspe coast with hopes of a brighter future. Here is the link to the site Steve had posted in his comment.
In it you'll read the whole deal and the positive outlook it has for the Gaspese.


Train Geek said...

Fortunately you are looking at a web page that has not been updated recently.

That section of the Gaspe line was purchased in June 2007 by the Corporation du chemin de fer la Gaspésie Inc. (CCFG). The CCFG already bought the section from Chandler to Gaspé in 1997. The CCFG will assume operation in 2009. The $50 million purchase was funded by the province of Quebec and the Canadian federal government.

Federal announcement

clam502 said...

That's awesome! I heard not long ago there was talk of abandoning the Cascapedia but I wasn't sure if it were just rumors. But thanks for the update Steve!