Friday, March 21, 2008

Another late VIA 14

This morning I was going to take my youngest Daughter on the train it would be her first train ride, I was pretty excited about it, I think I was more than her hahaha. However the weather did not permit such an occation from ariseing. The 14 will be late AGAIN this morning it will be arriving in Campbellton @0800. So rather this morning I'll be taking her tomorrow morning also the roads are a little on the rough side. Well for those of you wondering I had an interview on Wedsenday well it went really good I think I'm in the course. I applyed for a traning course that's about eight weeks in length as an Environmental Monitor. For those of you who don't know what that is well I didn't know what it was till about two weeks ago when I signed up for the course. Basically I would be monitoring human activity on the environment and taking down data and writting a lot of reports. I should know next week if I'm in the course or not, I have no worries about it I'm pretty sure I got in.

For those of you who know, I work at the mill in Atholville and well that job isn't all that great yes it pays well and it's an ok job but I want something better I want something to work with not work for. By taking this course I'll be able to advance to a better job and on to a career, and by the fall I do intend on returning to UNB to finish up my Political Science degree.

I'll be heading to Moncton on Monday there has been a death in the family so I won't be going for pleasure or doing any railfanning. So that's been about it for me this week.

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