Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Montreal Railfan trip

As I mentioned in my last post, I'll be heading to Montreal in April with a group to tour the C.A.D. factory and other railfan activities for that weekend. Two nights ago I had called VIA Rail to make my reservations for that trip because rooms in the sleeper cars were starting to get scarce. To my dismay the gentleman I spoke too could not get me a double bedroom on the return trip however he was going to give me two private rooms for the same price as a double. The return trip would be on the stainless steel BUDD trains. However it was only after I had made my reservations through the VIA web site did I learn I was supposed to contact Ron Jackson and make my reservations with him instead. So I also learned that he had reserved several rooms for the group heading to Montreal. I explained to him that I would like to have a dbl room since I won't be travaling alone. Reserving my ticket has been more of a hassle than I had anticipated not that I'm angery about it of any degree however I (like anyone else) wanted this to be hassle free.

However after speaking with Ron I've come to understand the train to and from Montreal will be a packed one. I'm over all pretty excited about this trip though still six weeks away I'm as hyped up about it as though it is tomorrow. So I hope this issue with the dbl bed room is settled by Friday when I go to pick up my tickets. Well other than that small issue all is well, I haven't been able to do much railfanning in the past couple of weeks, however this weekend I do plan on catching a train or two. I'll hopefully will have one on by monday.

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