Friday, March 28, 2008

Moncton trip

My trip to Moncton was great, VIA still knows how to treat customers well, on the return trip I had decided to have my supper in the dining car. Shortly after we left Moncton station we stopped on a siding to let a passing freight go by, it was a shunter coming from the Gordon yard. I have a short one minute video of that freight going by, I tried to get artistic by getting the wheels however that didn't work out too well as you may notice. I have another short video from the dome car but nothing special about that video, however in Bathurst I got a great shot of the side of the car, I got off the train for a few moments and I seen a perfect photo op and took a great shot of the stainless steel siding of the budd car where the lights were reflecting off of it just right as you'll see below. Other than those two videos and one picture I didn't take any other pictures as I mentioned in an earlyer post I was in Moncton for other reasons, I wish I had the oppurtunity to do a bit of rail fanning however I wasn't there for that reason.

The 15 was on time, though I wasn't; Moncton traffic is crazy! If I was ten more minutes late I would have had to come home on Thursday however my Aunts New York City style of driving saved the day. So that was it for me as far as trains go for this week. I hope everyone had a better week with trains go also one quick note if you haven't already checked it out Steve Boyko has some pretty neat videos on Youtube and on his site of his chase with the NBSR pipe train. Great videos Steve!

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