Monday, January 26, 2009

VIA 17 The Chaleur

On Friday night I caught the Chaleur going through Cross Point, as it approched the former CN station it slowed down, I am not sure why they had a slow order before the crossing, however I do know, this past summer NBEC crews were working on a bridge just shy of a hundred feet from the crossing. So my guess would be there is a slow order because of the work that was done on the bridge....I don't know for sure but that would be my only guess. I will upload the video on Youtube asap!

Yesterday (Sunday 25 Jan 09) Jess and I went to Matapedia to take a few pictures of the station and a few other scenery pictures. We had a good time, I got a few black and white pictures of the bridge crossing the Restigouche River and a few of the station. I got a little artistic as you will see in the pictures. I'll upload them later for all to enjoy!

Other than that, that's all the railfanning I did this past weekend. Have fun and keep chaseing those trains!

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