Sunday, January 4, 2009

Short history of the INR

Today I was searching the web for information on the former INR and came across a piece written by Doc Berthelot on Irene Doyle's web site about geneoloigy. Here is the link for those interested.
Two years ago I had met Mr. Berthelot at his cabin in Upsalquich a former CN caboose numbered, CN 78496. I have several pictures from that day when I went there take pictures of it. He informed me he was a supertenant for CN and now is retired. Here are some of my pictures of the INR and of Mr Berthelot's caboose.The former Upsalquich station. Destroyed by fire in the early 1920's and rebuilt and finally closed in the 1950's
The largest bridge on the INR which crosses the Upsalquich river was built in 1903.

A winter shot of the bridge.Just past the caboose.And lastly this was taken near Christopher Brook. Roughly about ten to fifteen miles away from Upsalquich.Well that's about it for me for trains today, I just might catch the fifteen tonight, I'm not sure still debateing it. Have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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