Monday, January 26, 2009

"Operation Life Saver"

I've been railfanning for roughly a year and a half, and in that time, I have seen a lot of things, such as bears, people walking on the tracks in the yard (Campbellton) people being hit by trains while walking on RR bridges etc etc. No I have not seen that sort of thing but I have heard about it and read about it in the news. But one thing that I see more offten than I have seen anything else is RETARDED people crossing the tracks when a train is approching the crossing at aprox 60 mph! Lights and bells are going and yet these people disregard their own safety, the safety of the passing public and the law when they can't wait a few extra minutes for a train to go by.

This summer I have counted fifteen cars cross the tracks while the crossing lights and bells were activated. As a railroad photographer I see how fast a freight train can move and how fast those machines can creep up on you when your not paying attention.

A few weeks ago I was out railfanning chaseing the 402 and I seen a woman with a young child in the car, as she slowed down at a crossing, I was behind her, I could see the top of her childs head and I could see her looking both ways as the lights and bells were activated. She seen the train approching, I had my camera out and ready to film the train pass over the crossing (Thankfully not over her car) but as the train was less than fifty yards away she finally decided to go for it! Look I love adventure and I consider my self a "thrill junkie" but man!!! That's just retarded! Beyond stupid! A child is in her car and she completely disregarded that thought. She should have been stopped by the police and have the heavyest fine or punishable offence given to her for her stupid action.

My question is to those of you out there who "try to beat" the train is, What would you rather loose? a few minutes of your time or your life? The video I am hosting on this blog is the reason for this post, I have seen too much of this in the year and a half that I have been railfanning and wow I just can't get over how many people out there who do this sort of thing.

The typical family sized car weighs roughly about two thousand pounds? Maybe? It will take that car rougly about thirty to fifty feet to come to a complete stop at a speed of 80 to 90 Km/ph. A fully loaded freight train traveling at about the same speed will take about half a mile to maybe two miles to stop! Let's not forget the kanetic energy behind that locomotive and the physics involved! Wow we all seen the videos! We all know what happens to cars after loseing to a train. So why? Anyhow here's a video I found on Youtube and here are a few of my own pictures I took last fall of 403 entering the Campbellton yard. Here's a quote from the video, "The only thing a locomotive engineer can do is watch you die!" Rough isn't it? Well that's the only other option.

Well that's my rant! Have fun and keep chaseing those trains Safely!

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