Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two days worth!

On Monday night I went to Campbellton to catch the Ocean arriving and half an hour later I was on the Quebec side waiting for the Chelaur to scream by. Sure enough she did and I filmed her going by. My first Chelaur since the washout on Aug 4th. Pretty neat that I got both the Ocean and the Chelaur in one night. I caught it first in Cross point (Near Oak bay) and then beat it to Broadlands. Where I got a better night shot of the stainless steel cars with the high beams of the car. Great shot if you ask me! Earlyer that day I caught 403 arriving in Richardsville. (See my earlyer post on that chase.) And tonight I was going to catch 403 in Dalhousie Jct HOWEVER, the forces that be decided tonight wasn't the night. So I gave up my chase or wait to be more accurate. And went home. Around 2000hrs 403 arrived in Campbellton. Although in my past from last week where my oldest Daughter and I went to catch the 403 in that same area we had met "Winnie the pooh" Or a black bear. Tonight was the same thing, I am not sure if it was "Winnie" though I wouldn't be surprised if it were. Unlike the last time though he wasn't fifty yards or so away from me he was more like half a mile or more down the track. I got some "Ok" pictures though. Some are not the best but they are seeable.
This one is clearly the best one I took from the distance we were at.

And this one is also clearly (Or lack of) the worse one. So goes to show how crappy my camera can be if it's not held stable at long distance zoom. Hope he doesn't get hit by a train! I may not like bears too much but I don't hate them. Just a little nervous around them that's all.

Well that's about it for me so far this week with trains, so have fun and keep chaseing those trains! Oh and by the way It's Websenday October 1st and STILL no announcement from CN in regards to the take over of NBEC and CFMG. Although it's been widely rumored it would have been announced today!

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