Saturday, October 18, 2008

the plan!

So it's a beautiful Sunny Saturday afternoon, I wanted to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and do whatever came to mind. Well going to Bathurst was one of those thoughts and chaseing the 403 to Campbellton was another. Well I went to Bathurst! But no 403. However on the way out of town I suggested to Jess that we take the old road to as far as Dalhousie Jct and get on the highway from there.

We were just about to hit McClouds when we heard the distinctive horn of NBEC 3000 on the tracks below the road. So we pulled into the first drive way and headed back towards Campbellton. We caught up with the train in Richardsville just before the Yard Limits. I pulled over at my usual spot on Arron Street (See my earlyer post) and took a few quick pictures and took some videos.

In Bathurst however it was a bit dissapointing. There were a string of cars in the yard which looked like 403's usual consist. And there were three locomotives further down. NBEC 1819, 1821 and 1813. I figured they were going to be the power for 403 then I thought about it, I never seen those numbers in Campbellton or hauling 403. So I put two and two together and figured they are the local power for Bathurst. So I got a few good pictures and headed into town. Around 1800 we went back to the yard to see if anything had changed. Well there were still the same consist in the yard and the same three locos were still sitting there idleing. So I figured 403 had already gone by and or I was way ahead of it. So I decided to go home from there. Ok well a quick stop at Tim Hortons and then home.

Well here are my pictures from Bathurst and in Campbellton. Enjoy and keep chaseing those trains and have fun!

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