Friday, October 24, 2008

This past week

Well this past week Jess has been pretty patient with me and has been coming out with me to do some railfanning. On Tuesday we had a failed attempt at 403 and again on Wedsenday and Thursday. However on Thursday we did catch the 15 returning from Halifax, so the two hour wait at Dalhousie Jct wasn't all that wasted. Today however my scanner decided it was going to work! (It's been on the fritz for the past few weeks) so I was able to get a few conversations and what not. Last night Jess and I went out for Chinese, while we were eating I seen a fairly large truck pull into the parking lot. It was a track inspection truck. This is it here.

My guess is (And it is only a guess) as part of the sale of the line to CN there has to be a track inspection! I mean there are other reasons for this truck to be here. But that would be the most logical guess.

In my last post I said I had not ever seen NBEC 1819, 1821 and 1813 on the 403 or in Campbellton! Well tonight's 403 consisted of four locomotives and 69 cars. The lead on 403 was 6901 followed by 1819, 1813 and 1821!!! Ok so I guess this is NBEC's way of calling me a liar. ALSO on Wedsenday's 591 I seen none other than 1821 getting ready to leave the Campbellton yard with three tanker cars. Here it is. Crappy picture I know but it was a quick shot.

Here is tonight's 403, I really like how the sun makes everything bright against the lead locomotive. And it brings out the fall colours...well what's left of them anyhow.

And here's another quick shot of 403 while chasing it.Finally on the way home the Ocean was heading into Campbellton with "my" 6400 in the lead. I had noticed though a park car was on the tail end, when last night's 15 didn't have one. Oh well just thought I'd share that with you. I didn't get any pictures of tonight's 15. As per usual I'll post my 403 video on Youtube later. It's getting late and I'm pretty tired. Well have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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