Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another great chase on another great day!

Yesterday Oct 17th was my oldest Daughter's birthday, and for her special day I took her out to chase 403 but this time she was holding the camera and she chose the spots where we would catch the train. It was her day so she called the shots....litterally!

She decided to get the best shots we would goto my favorite spot at the Arron street crossing and stand on the edge of the street which overlooks the tracks. As 403 went by my Daughter was waving to the engineer, and to give her a special "Happy Birthday" he gave her two short blasts of the horn. Her first "hello" she was really proud of that. She took some pretty good pictures which you will see some are mine but I'll point out which ones are her's.

403 had the usual consist woodchip cars, tankers and lumber from the Bathurst mill and a blue ore car. The head end was NBEC 3000 and CFMG 6902
This is her first picture.And this is her second.This one is mine, I didn't have the stabliser on.
And her third shot.Her fourth shot.My picture but this time I had the stabliser on.I fixed the picture up a little made it a bit brighter, same as the one above.Well that's it for me this week, I may go out again this week. We got some videos but she didn't get all of the train, She's a better photographer than a videographer. So enjoy, have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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