Monday, October 13, 2008

Double the header

Tonight I decided to go somewheres else, so I packed fresh batteries and headed to Matapedia station to catch the Ocean and Chaleur arriving. In Atholville got pulled over at an RCMP road block the usual licence and regestration and have a good night. That set me back a few minutes because when I drove by the station the Ocean had already left.

We were crossing the Restigouche River via the Matapedia bridge and to my left was the Ocean crossing the bridge as well. I thought "Great I'll make it" because I knew they had a slow order on the bridge." Well sure enough I got to the station before they did. I got the Ocean arriving but didn't get any good stills. Just a short twenty something second long video.

The Chaleur on the other hand arrived about ten minutes or so after the Ocean left that's when I found a great spot on the platform and got the "Perfect shots" Ok not that prefect but good enough to post on here. the lead on tonights Chaleur was 6420 followed by 6409. I didn't catch the numbers on the Ocean however it was Evenleign Park on the tail end. Well I'll post my videos on Youtube at a later date. Until then have fun and keep chasing those trains!