Wednesday, June 18, 2008

VIA 15 the Ocean

Tonight I caught the Ocean going through Charlo, I've noticed lately the Ocean has been late arriving in Campbellton both 14 and 15. I've heard through some net chatter the Ren cars have been having some truck or axel issues. I don't know for sure but that's what I've been getting. I listend to the "hotbox" detector outside of Charlo and there was no defects. Also the 15 was about fifteen minutes late to Charlo. Steve Boyko has mentioned on his site CN will not be taking over NBEC or the Newcastle sub. It appears they've lost interest. No one really knows why CN wanted this line back in the first place. Odd to me. Anyhow I have some pictures to show off. Some from other chases and some I didn't post from a few weeks ago when I caught the 14 and the 16 arriving in Matapedia.
The NB side of the railroad bridge at Matapedia.

Looking down the bridge.Looking down the line in Dalhousie Jct.Mile 0.00 on the Cascapedia Sub.
VIA 15 the Ocean in McClouds.The Ocean 14 arriving in Campbellton.My personal favorite shot.