Thursday, June 12, 2008

VIA 15 the Ocean

Last night after work I had decided I was going to try and catch the 15 before it arrived in Campbellton, after phoneing the station I quickly learned it left Charlo station at 2100 hrs on time and was due in Campbellton at 2130 on time. I had caught it in Dalhousie Jct, from there the chase was on! I chased the 15 from Dalhousie Jct to Tide Head, by the time it left Campbellton you've guessed right the light wasn't all that good. However I did get some great stills once it arrived in Campbellton and I did get some great video of the 15 as it crossed over Christopher Brook. ("My brook" as I used to call it as a kid.) This morning I'll be chaseing the 14 from Matapedia to Dalhousie Jct as I have been wanting to do for a long time now so this will be a great time for me to get some of those "Great shots" I've been whining about for quite some time now. After this mornings chase I'll post last nights pictures and this morinings as well. Till then have fun and keep chaseing those trains!

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