Thursday, June 23, 2011

Railroad Empire!

Back in January I found this new game on Facebook, called "Railroad Empire" Well as the name suggests you have to build a railroad and make billions. You build stations, complete research to build and buy new types of locomotives. One starts the game in the 1800's around the time of the industrial revolution.

You start off with a Then you build your first station then you expand your operations from there. You have the whole map of North America (Compliments of google) and from three you can see where your train/s is/are and your stations. After aquring enough money and points you can buy more locomotives and more improved ones. As well as new lines and better rolling stock to make more money. It's a fun game and a bit time consuming; so if your working the back shift and it's two in the morning with nothing else to do, than you can play the game and have fun.

There's a lot more to the game than what I had discribed so play the game and find out for your self. Logon to crackbook (Facebook) and type in Railroad Empire and you can go from there.

Onto other business; last night I caught 121 in Windsor Jct and 513. 513 was late leaving Dartmouth (I assume) and was stuck waiting for 121. Ten minutes after 121 had past the Jct 513 got the yellow signal to procede. They passed Windsor Jct around 2035.

I had decided to take pictures rather than video. It's been awhile since I took some pictures. However I currently don't have my camera at this moment, so I'll post them this evening. So enjoy have fun and remember; Keep chasing those trains!

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