Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CN 121 and 513

Last week, I was lucky enough to catch both 121 and 513. Approching Windsor Jct, I picked up on the scanner 121 was past the signal at Millview. Then 513 called RTC informing them they were in Windsor Jct awaiting 121. I was a bit confused. That is until 513 said they would back up and not block the crossing. (How nice of them!).

Approching the Dartmouth Sub crossing in Windsor Jct, I could see 513 sitting idle about twenty feet away from the crossing. The warrning signals were activated, though drivers cautiously drove passed the crossing.

I waited patiently further up the line for 121, and aprox 2035 121 could be heard calling the Windsor Jct signal and the horns for the crossings.

Less than five minutes later ditch lights could be see coming around the bend. I got out of the car and made my way towards the tracks. I didn't have enough memory on the card for video so I opted for stills. Some weren't too bad. Though sun light was something to be desired.

This next batch on the other hand is a little more appealing, After 121 had passed the detector, we began to head down the road towards the former station. From there (At the Jct) I was able to get great sun lit shots.

513 got the "all clear" signal and began its journey with gypsym cars.

2580 is seen here leading 513 passed the signals. Here the loaded (?) cars move past the wye.The sun shines on the cars nicely.And this is the end of a great catch!

Well this is it, I'll be posting more in the coming days, I'm on vacation now, so that means more time to go out and see some trains. Tomorrow 29 June 2o11 I'll be on the 15 heading home then heading back on the 14. I'll defiently be bringing my scanner and camera. I'll post the full adventure when I return. Till then, have fun and keep chasing those trains!


Train Geek said...

Nice shots!!

Graham said...

Looking forward to any photos or videos you took in northern NB or description of your trip there.

clam502 said...

Thanks Steve! Sorry Graham I didn't take any pictures or videos while I was there. I was there only over night. However stay tuned I'll be posting more in the near future. Thanks again guys.