Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh where has the time gone?

So it's been a while since I last posted here and I think I should get back to posting my adventures and what not agian. It has been awhile. Well I've been in Halifax now for almost two years. Two in August.

Well to get things rolling, every now and again, I go out to Windsor Jct to catch 121, I have tried on two occations to catch the export locomotives that come out this way to be shipped out at HOT but no such luck. On one night (After one of the exports have already arrived in HFX) I went down to the Halifax Ocean Terminals (HOT) and did see the exports. FIve if I recall. Didn't take any pictures it was dark out and no camera. That would explain everything.

However! I did take the camera with me on my last excursion out to Windsor Jct, I have a few pictures. I'll share with you. I have one new video up on Youtube but it's crappy and don't understand why it's not working properly. After 25 seconds it cuts out and doesn't play. Must be the codics in the video or transfering over to Youtube don't know.

In the last two years I have been active with a few dry spells here and there, just down the embankment from my work runs the Dartmouth Sub. I usually see 509 running to the refinery and to the Auto port with empties and loads. I don't know why it hasn't occured to me yet as to why I haven't taken my camera out with me to work to catch them going by. But oh well one of these day's or evenings I will. However I have noticed one evening (On those RARE days the sun was actually out.) 509 sat idle behind work. Didn't move for about an hour. One unit on the head end, I think it was a GP-30. Not sure. And a Sea King (Crash King) was flying over head keeping an eye on the train. Odd to me. Must have been something on the train that was of interest to them. Anyhow it sounded as though it was struggling, it was a twenty car train and tha tone unit sounded as though it was struggling, so it's possible it needed an extra unit to help pull. Didn't see the train leave though. End of my shift by that time.

A few weeks ago Steve Boyko was in the HRM, we met up and tried to catch the 509 but didn't work. I think we would have had better luch catching the 121 since it was leaving Rockingham late that night. Anyhow it was good to finally meet him after several years of talking back and forth through emails. Here's Steve's posts from his trip to Halifax earlyer this month. On a side note, I had admited to Steve that it was after watching some of his videos and reading his blog's is when I had started taking a big interest in railfanning back in 2006.

So I'll start posting more frequently now, even if I have to do it from work, haha. Hopefully I'll get my latest pictures up soon. So come by soon for any new updates. Anyhow have fun and keep chasing those trains!

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Train Geek said...

Good to meet you too... and good to see you posting again!