Thursday, June 2, 2011

As promissed.

The title says it all! As mentioned in my previous post, here are my pictures from the past few months. Some are from back in Febuary when Kyla and I took the 15 home to New Brunswick and the 14 back to Halifax. I wasn't going to post these pictures but I decided to. There is a series of pictures below that are from Feb as well, when the train we were on (14) collided with a skidoo. No one was hurt just a lot of pride and snowmobile that was wrecked. I didn't have my scanner with me at the time so I didn't know what was going on till the on board crew informed us. Again no one was hurt. Thankfully! Well here are some of my pictures. enjoy!

This first one here is the 14 in Truro. Feb 2011.Here we are in Moncton.This was taken on the way to Northern New Brunswick on the 15. Again in Moncton.This would be near the tail end of CN 409(?)Here's the head end of 409(?)409(?) flying through Windsor Jct on a cold January morning.

More to come. I'll post more pictures later. Hope you enjoyed these ones.

And as always, keep chasing those trains!


Caleb said...

That would be 407 that you called 409, but great shots, keep 'em coming!

Train Geek said...

I like the sunset (sunrise?) on the side of the stainless steel cars.

Graham said...

Good to see you posting more content again. I am curious about the sunset or sunrise shot... is this in Truro? Is it sunrise/sunset? Roughly what time was it taken? Which train is this as I don't think either 14 or 15 are scheduled to be in Truro around then?


Graham said...

Sorry now I see that photo was taken on Via 14. It must have been a bit late arriving Truro. Nice photo!