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Former INR line Campbellton to St Quentin NB. PT 2

So in the past several days I have been searching around the internet for several sources and at the same time fixing up a few of my other posts as I find new information. You'll notice on the post about a former spur line going through the community where I live, I had the dates wrong so I fixed them as I found more plausable dates that fit the time line that I've found.

Thanks to Tim whom has given me some new intel, I'll take another look at the Library and Thanks to Steve Boyko for his input as well, I'm planning on a trip back to Fredericton in the near future so I'll make it a point to go check out the places he recomended. So After a few days of going out in town to take a look on the former 7.6 mile track I had taken some pictures of where the line would have been but it's of course snowed over so there isn't anything to see really but it's more or less to give a point of refference. I don't have my camera just yet and I haven't uploaded the pictures onto my computer as of yet so when I do I'll post them.

This is the arial photograph that I have been useing to plot mileage 00.00 to as far as Sugarloaf Park, Also you'll see blue dots, that represents where I took the pictures I will upload later this evening. Because of MS paint the spots I pointed out as you can see are actually a lot closer than shown here. The red line represents the former line through Campbellton.
This is the orgional. Here you can see the outline of the railway but the semi circle from the Campbellton yard to the INR station on Arron street is not visable at all, I had to pretty much guess.

In this one if you look closely you could see the semi circle where the line left the Campbellton yard and looped around to the INR station, also if you look closely you could see the station. The line was built between 1900 and 1911 this picture clearly shows it was taken before the fire of 1910 so I'm guessing the early 1900's. Here you can see where I was wrong, if you know Campbellton you can see it goes down present day Malcom street.

Also I was wrong about the postioning of the orgional line as well I have taken a closer look at the pictures and it shows the Tribune is correct in it's account of the lines history. So I'm currently in the process of piceing together a small history of the former line that ran from Campbellton to St Quentin, over the years the line has had several owners, First being the Restigouche and Victoria Colonization Railway Company (R&VCR) Then the International Railway (INR) than finally Canadian National Railway (CNR) or (CN) I will post my brief history on this line from verious sources as well as from my own knowledge so keep checking back from time to time hopefully soon I'll have it all posted here, and by this spring and into the summer I'll have posted some pictures of the line other than what I have now.

*The pictures are from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
*The first picture was taken between 1958 and 196

In the areial photographs provided I have marked where I had taken some pictures of where the line would have been some 90 years ago. Looking towards Malcom Street where the line was.

This is behind the Comfort inn, I thought I was looking at the actual line it self but I don't think so based on my knowledge I don't think so. It looks like it was going up rather than down. However still there is where it would have been.

Looking towards where it curve towards Sugarloaf mountain and bend towards Christopher Brook.

And here is where the exact line is, buried under the snow there is some remants of what used to be the INR line. I have walked this part of the line before and know it's there. This is the curve it would have made towards Christopher Brook. In this picture I'm at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Look in the opposet direction of the above picture, the line would curve slightly more then streighten out.

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