Thursday, January 24, 2008

About me.

I've been asked several questions about who I am and verious other questions of the sort, so I'll go a head and I'll make the formal introduction of my self and I'll explain who I am and my other interests.

First off my name is Chris. I'm twenty eight and I have four children all girls, I built my house last fall and moved in, in August of 07. I currently work for the Listuguj Mi'Gmaq First Nation Governement at the AV Cell mill in Atholville NB. I'm a "Envrionmental Sevrices Technition." I'll put it this way, I work with a lot of chemicals, I'm on my feet all the time and I rarely get a break. I don't normally work with other people my job takes me to places where I find my self working alone so it's not like I want to be alone but that's why I bring my MP3 player with me. I work long hours and I come home tired and drained.

I've been at AV Cell for a little over a year now, it's not a bad job I don't particularly like my job but it pays the bills just fine so I'll settle for that. I went to UNB for three years and studied in Political Science, I was working towards my degree. Before I went to UNB I was in the Canadian Forces, I joined right after I had graduated from High School. I graduated in June of 1999, I left for CFLRS ST Jean in April of 2000.

My Dad is Mi'Gmaq and my Mom is non native so I'm half. I have one brother and one sister, I'm the youngest of three. I grew up in Listuguj First Nation, lived here all my life and since I got my first train set when I was about five years old, I've been in love with trains. In October of 2001 my oldest daughter was born, my second daughter was born Janauary 2003, my third daughter was born January 2006 and my youngest daughter just turned two weeks old this week. She has the same birthday as my second daughter quite the coinincidence.

Since I was able to get around on my own I've been chaseing trains, sometimes waiting hours track side to catch the train it's was quite time consuming however when your a kid that's all you have is time. It wasn't till I got my first car at twenty one did I actually go out and chase trains, however living in Fredericton you don't catch a lot of trains there seeing there isn't any tracks left in the area however I did know about the sub that ran through Tracy.

In my travals I have also travaled a lot by train, I sometimes take my daughters on the train just for short rides sometimes to Charlo or to Bathurst the last time we took a long trip on the train was in October we travaled on the Chelaur to Gaspe and returned that same day it was quite the day trip and was worth the price I paid as well.

I love to do some research as you may see already, I like to do it, it's fun and passes the time away durring the day, I work nights so it leaves the day time pretty much open for me. Researching the St Quentin sub isn't all that hard just a little difficult to find detailed maps and areal photgraphs from a certin period so it can get hard at certin points. As a young child I can only recall twice I've seen the St Quentin sub with tracks, both when I was six. Once we went through Tide Head and I remember going over the tracks at mile 00.00 or what would have been and the second time was in the summer of 86(?) and I went with my Mother and Aunt to Upsalquich after a really bad storm, my brother, cousin and my uncle were fishing in the Upsalquich river and we had gone to get them and I remember the iron bridge going over the rive and seeing the tracks I also remember hearing a train comeing but we had left before we could see it cross the river and the road that would be my only recollection of a train on that particular line.

Among other things aside from trains I do have many other interest, mainly politics and history but there are others such as rock climbing, photography, playing playstation2 I like to go hikeing in the woods and I've gone on hunting trips a few times with my brother when I was younger. Last summer I started playing golf for the first time after I had receved a set of clubs for Fathers day and I think I'm not too bad for my first time. Aside from golf I really do enjoy playing paintball, I'm not a pro but let's just say the military has proven to be quite usefull when playing paintball, I've been invited several times to play at compititions this past summer but because of work and building my house I couldn't really go also well I discovered golf so I wanted to put my clubs to use rather than collecting dust in the closet. Other things I enjoy doing is walking with my dog (black lab and border collie) and chaseing after my daughters. I basically enjoy being outdoors and of course I love to traval by train. I enjoy listning to music just about any kind of music as long as it has a good beat and strong lyrics. In my opinion music is a very important part to life it offten reflects our moods. In my musical interests I like Tom Cochrane, Pavarottii, The Cranberries, Tom Petty, Kris Kristofferson, Toby Keith, AC/DC just to name a few.

It has only been a year since I've taken a greater interest in this hobby of mine, chaseing trains and photgraphing them and taking video as well. I guess you can say it is the powerful influence of the internet that has brought me to this particular hobby or bringing it to the next level, after viewing some rail fan sites it has really given me the motivation to record trains either in picture or on video and to some extent it would be rude of me to not mention Steve Boyko, Luc Doiron, David Othen whos sites and videos on youtube have given me that motivation not to mention my own affection for trains and the railroad. So those mentioned have influenced me in their details and what not. In all I'm still pretty new to this I guess I don't know what else to say about that.
Oh yes and incase you haven't already figured it out yet, I can't spell for shit!

So that is a little about me, if there is anything else you would like to know don't be shy to ask I'll be more than happy to answer you.

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