Sunday, April 13, 2008

VIA 15

Last night I was passing through Atholville when what is before my eyes, VIA 15 was rounding the turn from the Campbellton yard and heading to Montreal. So turning at the nearest drive way, I took out my camera and headed towards the Boom road where I'd catch it, because we were driving as fast as the train by the time we got passed the mill at about 80Km/phr. Once at the Boom road, we caught the 15 with less than a minute to spare. It was a great shot, the light of the lead loco shone perfectly off the snow falling. I managed to get a few pictures, kinda bad quality but I had taken them off the video so I didn't expect great shots. Well with qualitity anyhow. I like those moments where I catch a train unexpectedly.

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