Thursday, April 17, 2008

Montreal trip

Tomorrow night I'll be on my way to Montreal with a group for a weekend of railfanning, it promises to be a really good weekend. Ron Jackson was able to get me a double bedroom on the return trip which is a good thing. So on Sunday morning or early afternoon we will be touring the CAD facility which I'm looking forward too, not to mention the change of scenery such as catching some CN action, NBEC is a great railroad to chase however change is good now and then. I still need to get a few things done here before I head off tomorrow but then again I do have a full twenty four hours to go. I have a few pictures I took from my deck, I assume it's CFMG 18?? returning from the Cascapedia sub. From what I could see the consist was mostly lumber and woodchips. A few gondola cars. It was hooked up to CFMG 403 last night it wasn't there this morning when I checked. (I could see the NBEC yard from my back yard.) So my next post will be about the trip to Montreal and I'll post all my videos and pictures. Have fun and keep filming those trains.

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