Thursday, December 27, 2007

Railfanning 23 Dec 07

On the 23rd I went to the Campbellton yard to see what's going on but to my dismay there was nothing going on, NBEC(?) 4203 was sitting infront of the NBEC shops it didn't look like it was running infact it looked like it had been sitting there for quite sometime. Later I went to AC Cell I heard on the scanner the shunter was there, when I arrived it had left, so I missed it. (Shouldn't have stopped for coffee first) However I have some pictures to share. Also back in the days of coal and steam there were a number of coal chutes all over Campbellton, I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is one of them. It sits just off or on the AV Cell properity it looks to me like a coal chute however I have been wrong in the past not very offten but I have been. So if anyone knows let me know. So here are the pictures from the 23rd.
At AV Cell, just before the crossing. Box cars and S02 Cars waiting to be shunted or taken away.

At the NBEC Yard in Campbellton.

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