Friday, December 21, 2007

NBEC train #403

Sorry I haven't written in awhile, I haven't been doing much railfanning, I work till about six thirty at night and the only train due around that time is the 403 heading from Miramachi and well these past few nights since Monday December 17th (My Birthday!) I've been heading out of work early to catch the 403 in Dalhousie Jct however I can never seem to catch it, I know it leaves Miramachi around 1500hrs or 1600hrs however it usually arrives in Charlo around 1900hrs, so by the time it arrives at my usual spot in Dalhousie Jct it's about 1930hrs.
This week except for tuesday has not been a good week, I haven't caught it once this week at all, I've been going to my spot around 1830hrs and 1900hrs and I would stay there till about 2030hrs after that I just give up and go home. Monday night I figured it was late due to the storm we had last weekend so I didn't think much of it. The 403 has to stay ahead of Ocean 15 but nothing all week, now I know it's possible I could have missed it once or maybe even twice but I don't think I could miss it everyday this week since I know I'm ahead of it when I get there. So I'm just curious now with the perminate closure of the UPM mill in Miramachi if that really affected the train times.
I spoke with a few people and they've all told me the same, the train hasn't changed it's departure time from Miramachi however maybe I'm getting there late! I don't think so, When I leave work to go on the chase I pass by the NBEC yard in Campbellton and I don't see no train there only the yard shunter and a few cars sitting on the sideing.

On another note on the same topic of sorts, Monday night before heading off too Dalhousie Jct I had decided to stop by the yard in Campbellton and see what's going on and take a few pictures, well because my camera sucks at taking stills at night, I took some of a really odd looking rail car, I didn't know what it was, I had seen all kinds of strange things transported by rail but never what I was looking at. I was very certin I was looking at a jet engine, it really did. So I took some crappy pictures of it and went on my way to Dalhousie Jct. The next morning when I went for my morning coffee run I had decided to see if that "Jet engine" was still there and sure enough it was. I took much more better pictures than the previous night and I emailed the pictures to Steve Boyko, he was able to make more sense of it than I had, it was not a jet engine but rather a huge hot water tank of sorts, he also sent me a link explaining what it was. It's actually cargo for a factory somewheres out west. Also I'm going to put the pictures up of that particular cargo, it was my mystery of week I guess. Well that's what it's been like for me this week, I just heard NBEC #402 on the scanner and is now leaving the yard in Campbellton heading to Miramachi, in about fifteen minutes or so It'll trip the "hotbox" detector in Dalhousie Jct.

Lastnight was not a total loss however I did catch the Ocean arriving in Charlo, I have a few videos of it, arriving in Charlo, leaving Charlo and passing through Richardsville, outside of Campbellton NB. Anyhow keep it fun and keep it safe. See you's all later and hopefully I'll have a much better week than this past week.

Here's the link Steve had sent me.

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